What Students Are Saying!



Organization Feedback

"Everyone that I've spoken with about last night's program has given it high marks for your excellent critique points, encouraging commentary, and gracious manner in making helpful suggestions.  

We were also very pleased with the outstanding diversity and artful creativity shown in the images submitted. Obviously, your inspiring presentation of concepts and techniques of creating Abstracts two months ago served as a huge motivation to all the participants. That is very gratifying to those of us who have been striving to get fellow members to venture into the world of beauty beyond waterfalls, landscapes, and birds. 

So, you were a big hit and we are most grateful. I'll be in touch with you for next year's agenda soon."


Students who have attended Susanna's workshops and classes say...

"What a great experience for me! I was the least advanced in the class so I learned the most. The instructor was encouraging and inspiring."

"Third class with Susanna! She is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and engaging teacher!! Can’t wait to take another course from her!!!"

“Susanna is  knowledgeable,  extremely  well  organized,  friendly,  patient,  and  always  ready [to] go  the  extra  mile  for  the  students.“

“She has a wonderful  ability  to  explain  how  technical  methods  relate  to  and  help  us  to  express  our artistic  vision.”

"Very practical, specific, and direct guidance on artistic perspective, vision, technique, and equipment. Also, repeated careful critique of our work. Susanna was always very well prepared, approachable, and responsive. She communicates her joy of photography."

"...just about everything this class had to offer was a real treat for me. I really enjoyed it, and hope I can take more classes from Susanna in the future. What a fun class!"

"Photo critique is very valuable in process of improving composition in photography. [The] positive and enthusiastic approach of Susanna is great. Very encouraging."

"Susanna knew the material and presented it well. She was very well organized."

"Enjoyed the course very much and am greatly appreciative of Susanna's teaching!"

"I loved the workshop. Susanna was a great instructor and I hope to take more instruction from her."

"...[The] pace of the workshop was well balanced."

"I have enjoyed taking your class, and think that I've learned a lot." 

"I certainly will miss seeing you. You are a knowledgeable and gifted teacher."

"...I thought the class was terrific! And very inspiring. I feel like I have a whole new outlook on both the techniques and the artistry...of photography."