Susanna Euston Photography | Capturing Forest Cycles

Capturing Forest Cycles

March 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Ethereal Landscape

Capturing Forest Cycles

Multi-hues of Spring green blanket the scene below.

From my birds-eye view, I spot splashes of white and pink jewels in its midst. 

Cloud mists dance, curl. 

Early morning light refracts into a magical glow. 

I sense nature’s spirit flowing through this ethereal landscape. 

In awe, I stop, take a deep breath, smile, compose, snap.


Brown ribbon weaves ahead and behind me, over hill, through dale.

The leaves, like green confetti, appear suspended in mid-air. 

Textured gray and brown vertical streamers descend from sky to earth. 

Baubles of white, pink, and blaze orange sprinkle the scene. 

A hawk swoops down, lifts rapidly aloft, prey secure in its claws as it disappears into the light.

I stop, take a deep breath, smile, compose, snap.


As the river of time flows on, the greens deepen to a darker, more uniform shade.

Other colors, closer to the ground, subtly emerge in this magical place. 

Yellows, pinks, whites, and lavenders of solitary flowers dot the forest floor. 

Wispy fronds of green find quiet comfort under the awning of the canopy. 

Gatherings of veiled color gently sway and dance in sunlit spots; a butterfly alights nearby. 

As I walk the brown ribbon I immerse myself in the scents of the forest. 

I stop, take a deep breath, smile, compose, snap.


As the continuum advances, I notice Nature’s ever changing features.

The crisp air of Autumn now works its magic on the landscape. 

Warm days, cool nights tease the flora of late Summer, letting it know it’s time is ending.

Red, orange, and gold confetti leaves flutter through the air. 

From above, the once green blanket appears as a multi-hued quilt of brilliant color. 

The brown ribbon shows slightly through the colorful covering, still guiding me on my way. 

I stop, take a deep breath, smile, compose, snap.


Nature completes its cycle to finally take a well-earned rest.

The confetti, now faded in color, covers the forest floor, rests, breaks down, goes back to earth. 

The vertical streamers of gray and brown reveal more complex structures, etched against the sky. 

I laughingly think that the mountains appear to have crew cuts. 

Soon, a blanket of white spans below and above me; brown ribbon invisible. 

Mists from lingering clouds dance, curl. 

Glittering crystals appear suspended in the air. Light refracts into a magical glow. 

I stop, take a deep breath, smile, compose, snap.


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