January 2023 Newsletter

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Eastatoe Falls Detail


I hope that your holiday season was a delight and that you're looking forward to 2023. I know that I am! Nature, I'm sure, has a lot in store for us and our photography in this new year.

Going back in time, as I mentioned in a previous newsletter, our autumn was spectacular. But I couldn't resist interpreting the photograph above in black and white. The leaves were bright yellow, draped over the foreground, and flecked on the rock walls after falling. Water flowed gently over the scene.  

Winter was low-key until December's weather extremes. Our waterfalls and rivers froze, with waterfalls draped in ice and waterways lace-edged. The image, left, is of Looking Glass Falls (iPhone image!); the image right was taken at Rocky Fork (Tennessee). As the temperatures fluctuate, I'm hoping for more cold weather to produce those icy scenes to explore!


I’m excited to announce my new approach to photography training! Together we can tailor an individual or group photography experience to meet your goals. It’s creative and flexible! Individual training will be focused on fundamentals, and group workshops on advanced photography topics. This approach will replace scheduled workshops such as those held in past years. Here is a brief introduction to what is ahead in 2023:

Individual Training on the Fundamentals

  • Lessons via Zoom or in-person classroom sessions — learn fundamental camera or post-processing techniques, or both — one-on-one. This can include DSLR or mirrorless cameras, as well as iPhone!
  • Coaching in the Field — to develop your basic vision and skills.

Group Workshops — Design-Your-Own to Learn Advanced Techniques

Get your friends or colleagues together for a photography adventure in the beautiful Southern Appalachian mountains. Advanced programs can focus on Composition, Landscape, Rivers & Waterfalls, Close-up (wildflowers), Infrared, or Abstract Techniques. Here are the basics: 
  • Minimum of four participants, a maximum of six;
  • Select your photography subject area;
  • Learn the advanced technique via a group Zoom or in-person classroom session;
  • Practice in a group Field Session(s) in one of the beautiful natural areas surrounding Asheville, NC, including the Great Smoky Mountains or the Blue Ridge Parkway!

I look forward to sharing the details with you soon — including pricing — on my website! Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!

In closing, as always, I look forward to meeting you along the way — at CNPA, in a Zoom meeting, in a workshop, at Trackside Studios in Asheville's River Arts District (every day from 11-4), or in the field.  

With warmest regards!




The NEW Design-Your-Own Photographic Artistry Workshops are designed to give you and your friends
tools and techniques to increase your skills and vision as
you travel on your journey in photography!

Details coming soon!




Photographic Artistry Training for individuals is available via Zoom or in person. In short or longer sessions, we can explore the fundamentals of camera settings and techniques, processing, or other aspects of photography. Coaching in the field will support the development of your vision and skills.

Details coming soon!

Photoshop's High Pass Filter


In case you missed it, I gave a presentation at a CNPA-Asheville meeting on the High Pass Filter. It's a great way to very selectively sharpen images. Here is a link to a PDF of the presentation. Enjoy!



FREE Photographer's Quick Reference Guide!

This PDF guide will support your journey in photography! Keep it on your tablet or smartphone to quickly answer questions, while in the field, about setting exposure, accessories, etc. It is particularly helpful for beginning or intermediate photographers who are just getting used to using Manual camera settings! 
Check it out here.




I am pleased to be a member of River Arts District Artists (RADA), with my work on display and for sale at Trackside Studios, 375 Depot Street in the River Arts District! It's a wonderful gallery with 30-plus artists featuring a diversity of artwork from jewelry to pottery to paintings and (of course!) photography. Hours every day, 11-4.

I've moved my display to a new location in the gallery that I love! In addition to prints, a 15" digital photo frame highlights photographs as larger sizes placed in different spaces (living rooms, bedrooms, dining, etc.). If you're interested in an image and would like to know how it might look in your space, send a screenshot of the image (see below) and a smartphone shot of the wall and I'll create a simulation for you. 

PS You can also visit my website, let me know if you're interested in a print (please send a screenshot of it) from the gallery. Let me know if you want canvas or a print, and the size. I'll send a quote, including shipping and sales tax. 


If you don't know what your photographer would like for a birthday or holiday gift, consider one of my Photographic Artistry programs! Gift cards are available through Square, redeemable for the One-on-One Instruction ($50 per hour) and Workshops. Check the options out at this link.




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