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Musings on The Blog

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Musings on The Blog


The goal of this blog is, from time-to-time, to put into words aspects of my experience, past and present. It's good for me to read my own words as a reminder to stay grounded and focused — and positive. I hope it will provide you with "food for thought," and a little inspiration while on your journey. 

I've been "at" photography for many years. It is my passion and is central in my life, especially now that I have a little more time to focus on it. But, the way to "here" proved a bit circuitous with detours, distractions and at times dejection. It took many years — and hindsight! — to realize that my process, as rambling as it seemed was, well, MY process. It was okay. And necessary.

Initially, I operated under the childish idea that artists spring fully formed into their chosen genre (photography, painting, sculpture...whatever). That particular myth couldn't be more divergent from the truth. It led, in fact, to an enormous setback in my growth as a photographer. I somehow clung to the undercurrent of the fantasy even though, on a conscious level, I knew it wasn't true. So, I was slow to learn — and accept — the items in the next paragraph.

My truth now, after all these years: I know that photography, like any art, requires a lot of study — both artistic and technical. It requires endless practice, ceaseless patience, unfaltering openness to feedback. It requires failure; yes, failure! We learn through failure. Most importantly, it demands belief in my journey and to know that it's ever-changing, at-times-confusing-nature was and is an important part of it.

I'm finally at peace with my bumpy ride. I've moved from representational images to creative, from head to heart. It feels good, like I've "arrived." And, yet, I know it's just another step on my journey, which I hope will be long and fruitful.

Spring has finally arrived in this part of the world! I can now move from my winter shooting in a large greenhouse to the great outdoors. I hope you are doing the same.

Happy Shooting!




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